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Microsoft CRM Event Management Accelerator released!

Great news – the much anticipated CRM Accelerators are finally starting to be released!

Initially there were two releases available on PartnerSource only, but now more code is appearing on Codeplex too: – specifically, we can now get our hands on the first really exciting one – the Event Management accelerator. This doesn’t appear to have been publicised so well just yet so I thought I’d shout up!

At the time of writing, it is now possible to download the following:

  • Event Management (Codeplex only at present)
    “Ability to manage the planning, execution, tracking and reporting requirements for events…” including an example external website allowing delegates to register themselves on your events and reports to measure effectiveness of your events.
  • Notifications
    Subscriptions to business events (e.g. new leads for current user) which are delivered via RSS feeds
  • Extended Sales Forecasting
    Primarily, new reports to allow better visibility of sales forecasts, including individualised sales pipeline and per salesperson performance against forecast by time period

Happy playing!


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