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Welcome to The CRM Grid, a place I can post my own sparodic musings on Microsoft CRM and also point to some of the more useful MSCRM postings within the community. I might also rant or rave about my own racing exploits every now and again too. That’ll be nice.

I am Technical Director with Vitalogy IT Solutions – a UK consultancy specialising in Microsoft CRM.

I’ve have loved (almost) every minute of working with MSCRM – I’m also yet to see something that can’t be done (whether supported or unsupported – a solution is often just a matter of perseverance). After complete immersion in the product since I was introduced to it several years ago, it’s time to give the odd snippet back to The Community (even if it only benefits absolute newbies, I can at least feel I’m making the effort, right?).

You’ve read this far, so I might as well keep going… I think etiquette here is to mention what I do outside of work. In a word – motorsport. If it goes quickly and smells like global warming then I’ll generally watch it – better still I’ll do some racing myself.

Anyways, that’s enough for now I think. I hope something here proves useful or at least interesting for you.




  Wolter wrote @

Hi Greg,

Because you’re the owner of and MSCRM weblog. I would like to notify you on my personal weblog It’s about an freeware project to integrate Microsoft CRM into Google Maps / (Within a few weks). At this moment it’s an Beta release, coming weeks release 1.0 will be downloadable for everyone.

Current functionality:

1. Display all custom addresses from Accounts and Contacts in one map.

2. Display data from custom entity in a map (Location of an lead by example).

Next week the functionality which integrates Google Maps into the contact and account grids / views will be delivered. With that functionality you will be able to display all customer in The Netherlands in one map.

If you like I can send you and evaluation version.

Kind Regards,

Wolter Kreun

  Rahul Singh wrote @

Dear Greg,

As your blog is quite active on Microsoft CRM I would like to share with you details of a new add-on that we have created for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.

We at GrapeCity have created a Telemarketing Add-On for Microsoft CRM 4.0, which provides the Telemarketing functionality unavailable so far in the out-of-box Microsoft CRM.

Some of the key features of the Add-On are :
• Telemarketing Campaign Management
• Telemarketing Queue creation
• Telemarketing Load balancing
• Guided scripting for Telemarketing calls
• Script Testing and Duplication
• Prospect Call Management
• Efficiency analysis of Telemarketers, Queues and Marketing Activities

You can access more information on the Add-On (including a 30 day free trial version) from our website:

I would be elated to receive your comments, queries or feedback on the Add-On.
Thanks a lot for you valuable time.


Rahul Singh

  Rahul wrote @

Rahul’s reply moved to here.

  Rahul wrote @

Hey Greg, I am trying to reply on of the other articles named onLoad code not running
but am i getting a discarded from the server.
How do i get in touch wit you.

Sorry for bothering you ..

Rahul Lohar

  Greg Owens wrote @

Comments normally go to moderation to reduce spam – maybe that was the problem? Try again and post here if it fails to register your reply.

Best wishes

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