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Deleting Users in MS CRM 4.0

I have a SQL script (see below) which will allow you to delete a user fully and completely from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. It is, of course, utterly wrong and unsupported to do this, but still – the script exists and seems to work just fine.

I originally wrote it to carry out some particularly unsupported work with a previous client. Later on, I found use for it on more than one occasion during my own development (specifically when importing clients’ existing databases into my own Virtual Machines).

Some time ago, I pulled the script from here but I can no longer keep up with requests send it on. Consequently you can now find it at the end of this post.

I chose to remove it since even my own tenuous example of how it might be useful turned out to be overengineered. I had suggested that deleting users might be an easy option when importing databases full of users into a development environment, but where you the developer don’t want the overhead of creating AD accounts and then mapping those users. Ivan (comments, below) has correctly pointed out behaviour which I was previously aware of but had slipped my memory: mapping users is not mandatory during the “Import Organisation” process (well, you need to map at least one user, but otherwise…). Despite showing an “Error” during the mapping process, so long as at least one user has been mapped, one can opt to ignore the issue and proceed with the import. Thank  you Ivan.

In my opinion, there are very few (if any?) viable reasons to use this script, so I recommend that you exhaust all other options before considering using this script. Be aware that the reason you can’t delete a user in CRM is that there are usually different ways to approach the problem.

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