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Campaign Response – required privileges (or “how to hide”)

I’ve only written the title and I’ve already over-promised…

So you want to suppress the Campaign Response activity but don’t want to start hacking at the CRM files. What options have you got? Very few, to be honest.

Entity visibility is driven via privileges and by turning off access to the right parts of the system, most things can be hidden. The problem comes with the side-effects. Since Campaign Response does not have an explicit permission-set in its own right, it is not obvious as to what needs to be changed to hide it from users. Here’s the solution – you can choose to remove access to either:

  • Activity : [Append] AND Campaign : [AppendTo]
  • OR Activity : [AppendTo]

By removing access to one of these two groups in the appropriate role(s), Campaign Activity will cease to be shown to all users that are subject to that role (assuming that they don;t have additional roles that grant these permissions). It’s a bit limiting though since without “Activity : AppendTo”, you’re not going to be able to add Notes or attachments to an Activity and without Activity : Append, you won’t be able to set Regarding…

I didn’t say that this would be helpful!

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