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Windows Update killed my app pool!

Tried to access my client’s development server today to find that CRM 4.0 was down. First thing I did was to check IIS, to find that the CRMAppPool was stopped. I tried to restart it – it looked like it had worked, but alas a refresh showed that it had failed to start properly.

After first blaming the client’s visiting tech who was also working on the server (sorry ‘Cheung!), I checked the Event Viewer and the System Log showed a series of messages from my attempt to restart the Application Pool:

A process serving application pool ‘CRMAppPool’ terminated unexpectedly. The process id was ‘3432’. The process exit code was ‘0xffffffff’.

After a few attempts, W3SVC had given up:

Application pool ‘CRMAppPool’ is being automatically disabled due to a series of failures in the process(es) serving that application pool.

Scrolling down, it became clear that the new prime suspect was Windows Update. A number of updates had been installed early this morning. I checked the KB articles for each one until I came across KB973917 (Extended Protection for Authentication in Internet Information Services). I read the article and although some extra configuration was required, it didn’t seem to fit my scenario (aka, this is a development server and there was a lot of text in the article and I needed to get back to development, rather than poncing about with security updates). The solution for me was to simply uninstall KB973917 and reboot the server.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is now working just fine, though this probably needs some more investigation. I quick straw poll of some of my CRM buddies did not suggest a widespread issue (yet?) but maybe this was because of the particular setup we are using here?

I’m not about to fully troubleshoot now, but here is some information about the server that was stricken – maybe it will help you all to pinpoint any issue with your own servers:

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 – Update Rollup 5
    Microsoft Windows 2003 SP2
    Internet Information Services 6.0
    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP3
    All running on one box
    Application pools running under default Network Service account

I believe this will not be limited to just CRM – at least one other report online of it affecting WSS.

Update 1:
Already a lot of hits today – if this solution works for you, please post and let everyone know. Also summarise your setup so we can work out when this is happening 🙂

Update 2:
Kudos to Richard (who has commented below) for discovering that Microsoft have now rushed out a KB article to explain the problem and propose a longer-term fix: In short, reinstall Windows 2003 SP2.



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  Kasper wrote @

Here a thread on technet forum with same issue’s after installing the update:

  JonLickenheimer wrote @

Same problem here. KB973917 killed the OfficeScan 10 WebConsole (respectively the DefaultAppPool of IIS). After uninstalling KB973917 everything went back to normal.

  William wrote @

Same problem, all my sites where down “service unavailable”.
Same solution.

  John wrote @

Same problem at a customers site today, removing this KB fixed the problem

  Warren Ashcroft wrote @

Same problem, uninstalled the update to fix it – not had time to play with the registry settings mentioned in the article. Not running anything special like CRM/WSS. Interestingly, other IIS servers on the network have received the update and are still running fine.

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  Tim wrote @

Had the same issue with Team Foundation Server 2008. Rolling back this hotfix fixed the issue. Thanks!

  IT Netops wrote @

Thanks for this info, our CRM server broke after applying this “patch” . uninstalled it and everything returned to normal

thanks again1!

  Mark R wrote @

Exactly the same problem… I just uninstalled that KB973917 (Extended Protection for Authentication in Internet Information Services) and things are back to normal. Sigh this is a major issue.

  richard wrote @

See the following:
Internet Information Services 6.0 may not function correctly after installing KB973917

  Warren Ashcroft wrote @

Nice to see them acknowledge the problem – reinstalling SP2 and then reapplying the update works!

  xxx wrote @

We hit that on a fresh install. I hope microsoft will start to employ testing staff soon

  Jody wrote @

Thank you sooooo much!!!

  Peter Campbell wrote @

Thank you, this was a lifesaver!

Took away KB971917, rebooted server and the app pools came straight back to life. If I get time to delve into the problem more or even discover myself the root cause, I’ll be sure to post.

  Greg Owens wrote @

Peter – reinstall Service Pack 2 for Windows Server 2003 and that should fix it. Apparently the root cause is down to a munged SP2 install…

  Anders Jensen wrote @

Thank you!!!! Our WSS sharepoint crashed a few weeks ago, and I have struggled to find the reason. It did the trick to uninstall KB973917…

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