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Minor problem after installing MSCRM 4.0 Update Rollup 2

Edit: It seems that the issue below was limited to my client’s machine only. I’ve reinstalled Update Rollup 2 and the problem went away… The rest of this post is here for reference:

It seems that there is a small bug introduced It seems that my client has encountered an issue with Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft CRM. After installing, the form labels shown in the form designer are incorrectly reading from the published entity definitions, rather than the unpublished definitions. The result of this is that if you update a field label and click save, it appears not to have worked. If you ignore this apparent effect and publish your entity, lo! The field labels are indeed automagically updated after all.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open any entity for via Settings > Customization > Customize Entities > …
  2. Go to Forms and Views > Form
  3. Double-click any existing field and change the Label attribute then click OK
  4. At this point, the amend appears correctly
  5. Click the Save button on the form
  6. Note that your label amendment appears to have been backed out…(!)
  7. Close the form designer screen and from the entity record, click Actions > Publish
  8. Go back to the form designer via Forms and Views > Form
  9. Note that your label amendment has indeed persisted and is now also in production too

Edit: so we fixed this by removing UR2, rebooting, downloading UR2 afresh, reinstalling UR2 and rebooting again. Can’t imagine what failed – perhaps I had an early release of Update Rollup 2 with a bug – I seem to recall that it was silently reissued shortly after release.


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