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Mail merge with CRM Web Client fails – cannot find data source

We ran into an issue last week where attempts to mail merge (specifically the “Print Quote for Customer” button) were failing. CRM would provide a Word document for download, but opening the document resulted in a warning:

Opening this document will run the following SQL command:

This message was followed with… no SQL command. Clicking on “Yes” to continue, presented the message:

Mail_Merge_<random numbers>.doc is a mail merge main document. Word cannot find its data source, .

Mail_Merge_.doc is a mail merge main document. Word cannot find its data source, .

No matter which templates were selected or which permissions were granted, the same error occurred.

This seemed to happy with machines that had the web client only (unconfirmed, but I believe this does not happen with the Outlook CRM client) and Office 2007 SP1.

A call to Microsoft support has verified that this is known issue, albeit undocumented for the public. It seems that Service Pack 1 for Office 2007 introduces an issue for mail merging from the web client. Apparently a hotfix is in the making but this is not being considered as a high-priority fix.

If you know of any workarounds let me know. If you have the problem yourself, get in touch with Microsoft and let them know so we can get a hotfix moved up their to-do list!



  Owen Geraghty wrote @

I’ve been trying to use the mail merge of MS CRM 4.0, and have been experiencing the same error message with word 2003 SP3. Would appreciate any input into the cause and resolution of this issue.

  Josh wrote @

I just exported the data to Excel and ran a mail merge. Annoying, because it’s several more steps, but it works in a pinch.

  Dan Quinton wrote @

I think the bug is that Word prompts you to run the SQL statement before it has loaded the mail merge file. Clicking No and then running the mail merge is a workaround for me.

  Greg Owens wrote @

I’ve received notice of a hotfix for this issue today. I haven’t tried it yet, but hotfix KB955055 (no KB article online at the time of writing) purports to address this issue. More info once I’ve tested it out 🙂

  Brian wrote @

Any results from your testing? We just applied the Update Rollup released on 11.24 and we’re still having the problem.

  Josh Ashwood wrote @

KB955055 hotfix isn’t included in Update Rollup 1, it’s part of Update Rollup 2.

Check google. No idea if it works, will let you know if I find anything out.

  Josh Ashwood wrote @


Can anyone confirm whether or not kb955055 fixes this issue for Word 2007 SP1 and Word 2003 SP3?



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